Letter 2 U, The New Single Of J.I., Has Won Over The Fan's Hearts.

Letter 2 U, The New Single Of JI, Has Won Over The Fan's Hearts.
J.I. is an American rapper and singer. He rose to fame in 2019 after his first single, Need Me, became popular. Within a short time, it reached 50 million views on Youtube. J.I. had a creative streak right from a young age, and he used to take inspiration from the old school hip-hop dances. He soon started writing songs with the help of his brothers.

At the age of 15, he appeared on the reality show known as The Rap Game, in which all amateur rappers competed against each other. J.I. performed incredibly well on the show and developed a considerable fan base. He was a fan favorite and was also successful in securing a cover shoot for Hip-Hop Weekly Magazine.

These things helped him gear up in his career, and he became one of the most famous rappers. The following year he released his first-ever EP, which was called Barely Famous. In the next few years, he worked hard on his sound quality and built a few key industry contacts. His hard work finally paid off in 2019, after the release of Hood Life Krisis Vol.1. This mixtape became a hit instantly, especially because of his lead single from the record Need Me.

Spotify supported the EP, and they also picked him as a second artist on their radar program. The song has more than 50 million views on Youtube. The artist has also signed a deal of record with the Interscope records off the back of the single's success.

J.I. is presently all geared up for his new project, Hood Life Krisis Vol.3. His fans are all super excited, and they can't wait for his latest release. He recently shared a brand new cut of his latest work, "Excuse My Pain," in which he raps about his pains and struggles. Which is inspired by Scarface and directed by Kid Art.

Letter 2 U, a letter from JI to his partner

He has recently released another popular single, "Letter 2 U". Soon after its release, It took the internet by a storm. This new single has a fantastic upbeat, also a very dope melody.

Just like his other works, fans adored this new release too. TIt doesn't only have a great melody in it, but it also contains lyrical playfulness. This piece of J.I. was one of his best works, and this song finds him working through all the mistakes. This new release is a lyric music video that is heartfelt. In his song, he talks about the mistakes that can end a relationship.

Kid Art is a well-working person, and the visuals also share a reference to symbolism. The reference is of Greek Mythology, Statues, fire, and numerous other elements of pain and expressions of heartbreak. It also has blended clips of staying in the neighborhood of J.I. in Brooklyn.

J.I. was also named one of the Top Young Rappers of New York City's Next Generation by Vulture. He continues to pave his way within the genre. His famous releases have helped him evolve as one of the greatest young artists. He is today known as a burgeoning artist on the map. He has also reached gold status and is ranked under Top 20 at Urban Radio.

He is also believed to continue to release singles for his fans before 2021. J.I. has a penchant for beats that are piano-driven and bouncy. In his "Letter 2 U" single, he flows effortlessly and has done a great job. He laments about a relationship that has gone bad because of a few mistakes, and he could have stopped them from happening. He says that he did not treat his partner the way he should have, and his partner is aware of this. But, he is repenting now and wants to be together with his partner again.  

You can find all his music on social channels as well, including TikTok, Instagram, Facebook.

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