The Story Behind Abby Jasmine’s New Album, "Who Cares"

Singer and rapper Abby Jasmine started her journey right from the bottom. Today, her hard work has paid off, and she has built loyal music following on numerous social media platforms. She is known for her vibe-heavy, quality songs. In April 2020, she dropped her album, Who Cares, which took the entire internet by a whirlwind.

The Story Behind Abby Jasmine’s New Album, Who Cares

With each project, she wishes to rediscover herself and hopes that her listeners will be able to reflect and relate to the lyrics. She believes that every project has helped her grow as a person and has helped her navigate her life’s difficulties. Also, she urges the listeners to think of these lyrics as her honest attempt to display her thoughts and has expressed them in an informal setting.

Having battled with her insecurities and having dealt with people's negative notions about her work, she has reached great heights today. It hasn't been easy, but she did not lose hope. Her nine-tracked album, Who Cares, speaks about just that. It aims to normalize the feelings of vulnerability and teach people to fight all these battles and never give up, just like her. She emphasizes how there's nothing to be ashamed of your feelings and embracing them open-heartedly.

The Story Behind Abby Jasmine’s New Album, Who Cares

Abby Jasmine is a Staten Island native. She is best known for her viral comedy videos, which she shares on numerous social media platforms. Abby has over several million followers on Instagram,, and Twitter. She had released her first song back in 2018 when she was just 19 years old, and since then, there has been no turning back. She rose to fame with her song, "Lookin' Boy," which earned more than two million playbacks within two months of its release on SoundCloud.

The Story Behind Abby Jasmine’s New Album, Who Cares

Abby Jasmine is a very famous rapper and singer. She is very versatile in her job, and her raps are pretty impressive. Although Abby has just started, her raps stand out in the crowd. She is a new face in the industry but has achieved great heights in the singing industry quickly. Twenty-one-year-old Abby's new album Who Cares is still in the talks. No sooner was her album out than people fell in love with the soundtracks. Her talent developed in real-time, and she is very passionate about her career. Right since her teen years, she amassed a following on the vine. She also performed on several social media platforms that have freestyle rap covers.

The Story Behind Abby Jasmine’s New Album, Who Cares

Taking inspiration from the singing industry at a young age, Abby is now one of the best rappers. She learned music for five long years, and she continues her journey as a rapper. In 2018, this young girl from a musical family released several hit rap covers that include Trap Mom and Follow-up EPs, I Hate You, Abnormal, etc., which Abby presented. As an artist, she believed to have dreamy vocals and an apple attitude. She is taking 2020 by storm and has released the best raps. Her raps showcase a pure heart and a chip on the shoulder. She is also found going viral many times on social media platforms with her performances.

Abby Jasmine  - Conheads

Her nine-tracked album was released courtesy of the cinematic group along with the premiere of "Coneheads." It showcased an emotional visual on the process of how the music industry was beneficial in shaping her relationships. It also helped her win the fight of staying true to herself.

The first episode of Coneheads is followed by "Groovy," featuring Gaupdad 4000. It was directed by Collaborator Mike Smigiel, the advances of visuals, and the narratives of how her stardom rose. It defines how she succeeded in her career and interrupted normal life. Her album is somewhat similar to the recent Kehlani "Everyday Business" Music Video. She also showcases her enhanced vocal chops and also an ear for melody. Both attributes are believed to be as strong as her.

The song is believed to define two different meanings if you hear the lyrics correctly. On the one hand, the first meaning states the life of the singing industry. The shit that this industry encompasses. This thought inspired her to make such music. She told Hypebeast, "Let's make some music," which is how she ends up establishing this rap. On the contrary, it also states that nobody should care about anything, what other people think and say. She says that who cares about what people think.

“Does it further state who cares about what I am saying as a person? Sometimes, people think that they are small. It is easy to feel small. Hence, one of the major questions arises that includes who's listening.” The meaning of this rap holds different meanings for different individuals. Everyone is fighting their own battles, and these lyrics are here to support them. You can go with a sense that you can relate to. We recommend listening to music yourself and then deciding what the song means for you.

The opening line of Twenty/Twenty goes in this way, "Careless, but I couldn't care less.” Although this line is meant to take a dig at the industry, Abby explains a double meaning to this song, just like many other songs in her album. It depends on the listener, which meaning to take.

There are several varied tracks included in Who Care, the latest album release of Abby. The nine tracks being, Demon, Twenty/Twenty, Stay with me, On God, Do Better; Poland Springs, Coneheads, Artificial Lover, Groovy, Chevy, and many more. 

Her albums are rocking the industry, and people are all loving it. She has made a place for herself in the industry within no time. This New York native has a great fan-following, and with the assistance of two other great musicians, she released this album. Abby continues to shine bright and prove herself as one of the promising young talents.

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