Priceless Scott Shows Her Lavish Lyrical Eloquence On Her Brand New EP Pressure Makes Diamonds


Growing up, Priceless Scott was always surrounded by 90s hip-hop classics by Biggie, Tupac, Mary J Blige, and many others. However, music didn’t become a priority in her life until a few years ago. Being a deep fan of music, she became distraught about the lack of relatable music on the radio. That period became a crucial checkpoint in her life and career - instead of complaining about modern music, she decided to do something about it herself.

Recently Priceless Scott released her brand new EP Pressure Makes Diamonds a genre-surfing and attention-grabbing project, home to 6 fiery tracks showcasing her raw honesty, openness, and clarity expressed through each of them.
Priceless Scott, with a lot of resemblance to SWEETIE in her rapping style, is a great artist who can sometimes lapse into a deeper earnestness, as this enjoyable but patchy project demonstrates. Furthermore, all on her own terms she masterly paints vivid and often uncomfortable pictures on her tracks.

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