BriGuel : “Mind Takes Hold”


New York City-based artist couple BriGuel announces the release of a new single and music video, “Mind Takes Hold” for the times when anxiety takes over you and you can find yourself in a powerless state of mind and body.

Following their previous release of the widely acclaimed EP 2020 Vision, “Mind Takes Hold” is BriGuel’s latest contribution to music.

More than writing relatable songs, they are creating what is arguably some of the most life-affirming pieces of music released in the last few years and what is more remarkable is the fact that all of it comes at a much-needed time.

On “Mind Takes Hold,” we can notice a slightly more refined sound and diversity in BriGuel’s delivery while still firmly staying within their comfort zone making it their best released single so far.

It’s a wonderful experience, with BriGuel’s artistry balancing the emotional side of their sound with a killer lyrical flow that aims straight not only for the mind that takes hold but for the heart as well.

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