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Gra33iti - Kodak Effect [New Single]

Gra33iti is not letting his foot up! He just released his new single "Kodak Effect" which is on all platforms. Gra33iti is a Nigerian artist, singer, songwriter  from Minnesota. At a young age Gra33iti moved to the states from Africa, living in several states across the U.S. growing up, he was no stranger to struggle.  Gra33iti learned quickly at a young age that in order to survive in this world you had to hustle and work hard forcing him to grow up fast. It was the poverty, struggle and hard times that led Gra33iti to his love for music....

Gra33iti had his first encounter with music at the age of 14, when he started a Rap group, named SOG. Writing 90% of the songs for the group, this was when he realized his talent and calling for writing  music. After leaving the group a few years in, Gra33iti decided to try his luck at a solo career. Things were rough at this point, alone and not with a group, Gra33iti had to rediscover his sound and what his true identity was.
Not having much luck on his own, he quickly realized that he could use his talent of writing and create songs for others.

That's when he then started shopping records and doing demos for other artists. 
His first big break happened when he had the opportunity to work with the producer Needlz. Gra33iti thrived in this element and became a ghost writer, getting the chance to demo and write tracks for other big artists, including Nick Jonas, Tay West,  Suga Shane, Neenosky, and many more. 
In 2017, Gra33iti left the Atlanta music and writing scene, to pursue his original dream of being a solo artist for himself. 

He moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota to create his own sound and to write his own music. He now travels back and forth from MN to ATL to record with his engineer Rock with JR. 
Since making the move, Gra33iti has released several hit songs.
His highly anticipated single "Roxanne" was dropped on itunes in April of 2019 and his album Potion is set to be released this winter. Gra33iti is all about pushing “the limits, and combines genres to bring a fresh and vibrant sound that the world desperately needs.” Hot new sauce right here!

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