Gilmas "You Crazy You" (VIDEO)

Gilmas is a French music producer based in NYC. A philosophy professor at Paris-La Sorbonne in another life, this well-rounded multi-instrumentalist builds his tracks from the ground up. From writing lyrics, composing, and singing to playing most instruments (bass, guitar, piano) to programming, recording, mixing, and mastering in his Williamsburg studio. His eclectic tastes bring him on a creative journey to explore different styles, from R&B to Pop and EDM. 

 His latest release is a video titled "You Crazy You." The song is bitter-sweet, where the protagonist reflects on his past, puzzled by the passage of time, riddled with regrets, in a state of shock and disbelief for lost opportunities. 

 This mid-tempo track (90bpm) has an old-school Hip-Hop and R&B flavor, with a solid groove and a cinematic acme leading to a personal epiphany. Tune in below.


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