Kaseek Ortiz - Status KWO Reloaded (Album)

Kaseek Ortiz - Status KWO Reloaded (Album)

Kaseek Ortiz releases his latest captivating album “Status KWO Reloaded.” The
hip-hop/rap fusion contains every element to get listeners grooving and uplifted.
“Status KWO Reloaded” takes the listener on a thirty-four-minute musical journey with
a nostalgic hip-hop/rap style combined with a modern sound. The driving, powerful
vocals, and anthemic instrumentation seamlessly work together in every song for a
must-listen record. From the message-heavy “All We Know” to the down-tempo,
motivating “Get Away,” Kaseek Ortiz spotlights his driving voice with his unique
lyricism. “Status KWO Reloaded” supports the fact that he is set to make a strong
impact on the music industry, as well as the charts. Kaseek, with this release, seeks to
push the envelope with his sound and bridge various elements from different genres
to make a well-rounded, dynamic style. His unparalleled sound and style are
manifested with this album. Make sure to check out Kaseek Ortiz’s release, as it will
engage any hip-hop aficionado.

About Kaseek Ortiz

Hailing from the streets of Fitchburg Massachusetts, Hip Hop recording artist Kaseek
Ortiz began hitting the ground running with music during his teenage years; a period
of time where he decided to take action on behalf of his influences and love for music
that he has harbored his entire life. Ortiz began to write poetry and rhymes as a
foundation for finding the niche of his own sound and aspirations of bringing music
to his life on a larger scale. In his teenage years, he slowly began saving money to
purchase equipment. Transitioning into his adult life, Ortiz hit rock bottom. Homeless
living on the streets fueled the fire behind his lyrics. Kaseek found himself rocking the
stages alongside Hip Hop legends DMX, Cassidy, and more. During this time, the up &
coming Artist also performed on behalf of charitable events such as Breast Cancer
Awareness and Toys for Tots.

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