Buppy "Bedroom Tapes, Vol. 1" (Album)

Buppy "Bedroom Tapes, Vol. 1" (Album)

Buppy is a sixteen-year-old, self-taught producer, vocalist, and engineer from Utah. He is challenging to place under one genre; Bup's album contains songs labeled as Rap Indie, Ballad, Lofi, Alternative, and more. The more personal, often grim songs are riddled with honesty, as he seeks to have a genuine relationship with his listeners. With heartfelt rhyme schemes, Buppy hopes to bring mental health conversation to a less taboo state.

Buppy. is not an artist but rather a dream. One that started when Bup laid his hands on his first set of drums. From that moment onward, he drew inspiration from Lil Peep, Col3trane, and JuiceWRLD; his sound is set to resonate with many crowds.

With that said, we invite you to the Mind of Bup. Enjoy the void!


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