Meechie Bravo - Freak (Music Video)

Meechie Bravo - Freak (Music Video)

Meechiebravo releases his much-anticipated EP “RichPrettyGoon”.
If he isn’t making custom durags or throwing some of the illest parties in NYC, he’s cooking up some fire ratchet party music. Meechie Bravo (@meechiebravo)- 19-year-old, Bronx native just dropped his much-anticipated video for his song ‘Freak’! If you haven’t heard of him yet, you will soon. Meechie has been working on his craft since 2016 and with influences like Lil Jon, 50 Cent, and T-Pain the ladies are bound to shake some ass to his music. The video was shot by Eric Vite editor of worldstar and featured a beautiful selection of Bravo’s Baddies (@bravosbaddies). ‘Freak’ is the debut single off the RichPrettyGoon EP

He gives us a taste of the energy he’s going for on the project with his energetic single titled “Freak”. Freak is a visual trip depicting Meechies' ideal Saturday night. If you’re unsure of what a RichPrettyGoon is his videos and EP will surely give you a better understanding of the fast-paced party-oriented lifestyle of meechiebravo.

We spoke to meechie about how he really came into making music.

I originally made music in high school but I took a break when I created the custom durags. Custom durags were my big thing to really gain attention in the industry, that’s how I met a lot of my industry connections was through the clothes I made. Once I had everyone’s attention through durags I knew it was time to use my fanbase to release my music

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