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Casiino Smooth

CasiinoSmooth, CEO of the music promotion company, Paradym Music Group LLC is the pioneer of Music Marketing. He is helping upcoming music artists to create a value in the competitive music industry and make a name for themselves. He helps young and struggling artists create compelling music and sell it using his marketing tactics and business techniques.

Professionally known as Charles White, CasiinoSmoothalways had a passion for music and was deeply involved with music, which dictates why he is making it easier for his clients to get a high number of views on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and many more.

Casiino Smooth always had a deep understanding with music & marketing. According to him, the new and young artists must have first-hand knowledge regarding marketing before entering into the music industry, as without marketing it would be tough to establish themselves successfully in the music industry.

Casiino Smooth’s advice is not only limited to music artists but in general he posts worthy advice and quotes on his instagram profile, which is helpful for the general public as well.

To him, the definition of achievement is not limited to money. He considers a big achievement for himself when he sees an artist build a real fan-base and get a record deal or make money independently.
Early Career
Casiino Smooth showed his exuberant artistic ability to create music for his audience, during the early 2000s. Later on in 2017, after perfecting his skills he dived right into the world of music marketing to help young music artists gain a high number of views on different social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, etc.

Current Clients
Currently, he is running social media campaigns for four artists, to new a few. The artists namely, @ZacmParker@BigLotionTheEntertainer and @BassGangNova are planning to release their music this year by the help of Casiino Smooth’s services.

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