Lil Savvy : HipHop Gospel Artist Not To Sleep On

Tell Us About Yourself

My name is Kalen Hawkins, I go by the stage name Lil Savvy. I loved playing sports growing up. I played College basketball and High school basketball. I currently run a online business and I make music on the side . I started off making hiphop music but God led me to transform into a hiphop gospel artist. I love nice beats and nice visuals. I’m not much of a lyrical artist but I am entertaining, I have some videos on YouTube that can back that up. Sadly I was diagnosed with cancer in 2017, the same year I was supposed to graduate from Georgia State. I ended up beating cancer and going back to school to get my bachelors degree and finishing at Georgia State. 

How did the music journey start ?

“I started making music in the hospital, I had to find things to do to keep me occupied, music and instrumentals was a stress reliever.”   

What inspires you the most ?

“What inspires me the most is seeing myself beat cancer and nobody wouldn’t even be able to tell the way I look now and the way I’m living now.”

If you were not a musician what would you have been?
“I would have been a NBA agent.”

What would be your dream collaboration?
“My dream collaboration would be a song with me and Lil Durk, also r.i.p to Pop Smoke because I loved him as a artist but I also would like a song colab with six 9.”

Have you ever gone through writers block ?

“Yes I have, when you start writing for a long time your mind can go blank.”

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