Ace Tre Is Making New Waves With The Heat - One Day [EP]

Ace Tre - One Day [EP]

Ace out here asserting his self making some noise with the new EP titled "One Day" which is available everywhere. Ace Tre is a rising artist originally from Oklahoma City but relocated to NY around 6 months ago which is when he starting taking music seriously & got his studio together. He hit the ground running ever since. This EP is solid from beginning to end. He definitely makes you wanna hear more. You can hear his musical growth which each song. This project is a whole mood. Fun Fact: The project “One Day”- recorded, mixed and mastering by Ace in one day(24 hours) In his home studio. He has a unique, stylish and enthusiastic flow & he knows how to put some sauce together. From when he dropped Bag & In My Zone, he has been getting more & more creative with his music. This project had some good sounds. His musical influences are Prince, Jimi Hendrix, Mike Jones, future, wiz Khalifa etc.. He recently met with Complex & Interscope (DASH) Signed Wilhelmina (Model) who was just featured on the Adidas campaign all over the world. This won't be the last time you hear from him. Ace Tre has some things in store for his fans this year. Good listen right here from beginning to end. Good vibes, straight sauce!

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