Why An Increasing Number Of Hip-Hop Artists Like To Remain Independent?

Why An Increasing Number Of Hip-Hop Artists Like To Remain Independent.

It is a proven fact that the opportunities for independent hip-hop artists are more compared to that of a signed artist. Social media has a vital role to play in making the career of an independent artist flourish. Also, the various platforms of social media make the job of an independent hip-hop artist more achievable. It is observed that an increasing number of hip-hop musicians are going independent. Have you ever wondered about the reasons behind artists becoming independent?

This article explains the reasons why the new generation is going independent. 

1. Control over Career: If you are an independent artist, you can control your career entirely. For any musician, being creative is the most important thing. As an independent hip-hop artist, you will have better control over the creativity and direction of music. Unlike mainstream music, hip-hop musicians have a better chance to explore innovative styles in music and the song's lyrical content. It would help if you always aimed to express yourself in the lyrics and create your individuality in your composition. If you can continue building your music persistently, you will find a label offering you a deal in no time. Generally, a lot of money is provided to the artist, but they will ask you for a piece of the market share in return. Soon, the labels will start selling your music, and you will have to make songs whenever you are instructed to do, and with the musicians, they would select for you. You will also have to perform and release music albums whenever they will tell you. On the contrary, if you are an independent hip-hop indie music artist, you can create music according to your choice and without any pressure.

2. Copyright of the work:  When there is no label, the revenue generated from any album will come directly to you. If you own your copyright, then you can determine how much royalty will be given to each person who participated in the song. So, owning your copyright means you can have reasonable control over your work, while giving up is when you give up the ability to control how much money you will make.

3. Handsome earning: When you are an independent performer, you generally keep 100% of the profits that you make. This is because you usually make a profit from the sales. After all, you don’t buy it from the label. Additionally, when the music streams on the radio or the internet, you get paid every time the songs are played.

4. Work with contracts and deadlines: As a signed artist, you must keep the deadlines in mind and work accordingly to meet them. Corporate demands influence music. On the other hand, as an independent musician, you are your boss and can work according to your requirements. This is regarded as one of the most common reasons for hip-hop artists to perform music independently. 

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