Jay Honest- Baddest In Town (6 Questions From Da 6ix)

Jordan Whelan "Jay Honest" was born In Ottawa, Canada, home to many big artists like Eternia, Massari, and Belly affiliated to Xo. We caught up with Jay Honest via telephone call talked about many things, he blessed us with an Exclusive Unreleased Record Baddest In Town. We also had the pleasure of asking him our "6ix Questions From Da 6" but before the Q/A, a bit about Jay Honest.

Before Jay Honest came to be young Jordan at the age of 6 was already showing his passion for music by writing down words that rhymed. At age 15 Honest had his first concert appearance in his home town of Ottawa 1st Cap City Showdown. The crowd really gravitated to Honest asking for an encore, this only gave Jay Honest more ambition to pursue his music career. He then quickly enrolled in Montreal's school of arts "Musitechnic" 2018 brought his debut video New Year where Jay Honest caught a lot of online attention. On Youtube reaching 300k+ and Instagram 50k+ Followers. Jay Honest has accomplished all this thus far while raising a son now 5 years of age and a 1-year-old daughter. Honest has vowed to fully succeed as an established artist in this music industry, too many people depend on him and He won't let them down!

6ix Questions From Da 6

1. What Artists Influenced Your Music?

"My early stages I would say Tupac & Lil Wayne 
  but in recent years Drake, Young Thug & Rich The Kid"

2. As a full-time Artist how did having a son 5 years ago change your life?

"Having a Son made things more serious. Where I had to make a lot of important decisions.
Learning new ways for my career to be bring me monetary gain to provide not only for myself but for my son & daughter, it was tough I can't lie." 

3. Do you frequent the 6ix Toronto, being you are from Ottawa?

"My friend Jay Yonge brought me to Toronto before I was ever heard, he introduced me to a lot of big people & showed me music life like I had never seen before coming from nothing. Toronto has a big spot in my heart for being the city that made me desire more"

4. The exclusive song you provided us "Baddest In Town" tells how it came about?

"So, being an influencer I'm sure you know comes with a lot of love but a lot of hate as well. Jealousy and Envy are nasty these days. One day I woke up to a few Dm's, they got me so pumped I decided to drop some bars about how I felt. It was written & recorded under 25mins I also mixed & mastered it right after"

5. You Record, Mix and Master Your Music that's Impressive. Whats setup do you use?

"Recently I was gifted 4k iMac for my Birthday so I upgraded to Logic but I did all my training at College in Montreal on Protools"

6. Where does Jay Honest see himself in 2020?

"I see myself in a position I'm not in right now, A new height. Working with International artists 
maybe a few EDM songs, but who knows with Honest"

Written by: Torontotopchunesss_

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