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Friday, September 13, 2019

Drew Swace - For The Grams | HHIM Interview

Drew Swace - For The Grams | HHIM Interview

HHIM: What made you name yourself; Drew Swace ?

Jus me wanting to have some part of myself in my stage name thats obviously were the Drew came from lol and SWACE was the first word Barack Obama said to me when i met him.

HHIM: So were they calling you that before you started rapping ? Such as your family or friends.

It was mostly Drew funny enough, and AJ

HHIM: What is your favorite part about rapping ?
Are you more towards the lyricism side or the versatile side?

The versatile side, jus showing the masses all i can do. The lyricism is natural it comes out all the time. I like to have fun and experimenting with sounds is always fun and helpful.

HHIM: Coming out of your city what kind of challenges intervene with your life or your music that made you feel like you had no hopes at one point?

I came outta Brooklyn, New York and Broward County, Florida. I think it's more challenges that all of us minorities face rather than it being a regional thing. The racial issues, the financial problems, family problems. My situations are just a little more direct lol.

HHIM: Would you say your state rap scene got better over time?
What kind of advice would you give rappers from your state coming from an artist like yourself?

Of Course, Florida has become in my mind, top tier. TO EVERYBODY IN FLORIDA: be yourself. Don’t end up trying to be like the next man. No-one can be you better than you so work on that.

HHIM: How do you separate yourself from other artists?

Being unique, being a man with a plethora of flows. AND this shit is all about knowing, every room i walk into, i KNOW i belong. Its a certain aura that surrounds the kid.
HHIM: Who influenced your style?

Without getting too in depth, New York.

HHIM: In what ways has your newest music changed from when you first started?

When i first started rapping, i was so focused on being the most lyrical nigga. Like i just wanted to rap bars all day. Now I’m more focused on how the song sounds as a whole.

HHIM: Tell the world where to follow you on your social media.

@Drewswace on Twitter and IG

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