100kSlime - Clout ft. Chace Bankz | HHIM Interview

100kSlime - Clout ft. Chace Bankz

HHIM: what made you name yourself; 100kslime ?

100kslime: I got my name back when twitter/instagram started getting lit . All my social media’s was Stop_Slime_IN so i ran with it. it’s been like this for some time and me and my brothers we go by 100k so there you got it 100kslime

HHIM: So were they calling you that before you started rapping ? Such as your family or friends.

100kslime: Yeah all my peoples call me slime . It’s funny cause i started hearing it the most when i would be playing 2k or gta then it took over in the real life . Now everyone call me slime. 100kshit .

HHIM: Are you more towards the lyricism side or the versatile side?

100kslime: I am a little of both but when it comes to versatility i got that in the bag. i be trying to do everything it don’t matter . Let’s get it done

HHIM: Coming out of your city what kind of challenges intervene with your life or your music that made you feel like you had no hopes at one point.

100kslime: Not to say that i felt like i had no hope . But a big challenge where I’m from is everyone be trying to compete with each other and throw shade at one another, the support gets real scarce . I been fuckin with every sound that comes out the city . But to some people it can get draining . And it discourages you to move forward . But fuck what people say and do your thing . People are always gonna have some thing to say .

HHIM: Would you say Massachusetts rap scene got better over time? What kind of advice would you give Massachusetts rappers coming from an artist like yourself.

100kslime: Yeah to be honest Mass rap scene has always been dope but right now i think we’re in our prime . Brockton Boston even the Worcester area got ppl putting on . I f*ck with everyone especially where I'm from . My brothers 100k, MTS, BTL . Even the SB boys. everyone is doing there thing right now . Everyone just gotta keep being consistent and be true to themselves.

HHIM: How do you separate yourself from other artists?

100kslime: Everything I rap on is something that I’ve been through .or A way I’ve felt or even just a dream. but Just like everyone else i been through mad shit and i gotta story to tell . So that’s exactly what I’m gonna do . The best way I know, Feel me.

HHIM: Who influenced your style?

100kslime: Someone who influences my style is young thug lil durk but my favorite rapper is fab . Without a doubt . Since i was a kid .

HHIM: In what ways has your newest music changed from when you first started?

100kslime: If you’ve been around me I’ve been doing this with my team since we was in high school but chace & gambit they’ve been on it ,them and swizzy always yelling at me to stop playing and hop in the booth . They believed in me before i believed in myself.

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