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Rockboy G'z x Big Smooth "Life's A Bitch" Single

FlyTy and Thunny Brown of Rockboy G’z link with Big Smooth for new tribute track titled “Life’s A Bitch.”

"D/R Period said pay tribute, so we rallied and went to work, Nas and AZ are icons, so it was only right." -FlyTy

The trio of hard knock lyricism summon together to curate the superior of street tracks, paying homage to the ‘block’ and the rawness brewing from it.

Through lyrical execution and bar for bar intricate wordplay, this dynamic force exploits problematic, repetitive warfare on the block.  Vividly they describe catching cases, drug lords, babies parading after streetlights flicker on, and attempts to escape before eyelids permanently shut.

This track embodies the catchphrase ‘life’s a bitch’ through actual and factual storytelling, set to hit home throughout the boroughs of NY and concrete jungles around the world. “Ill since the unexpected virtue of my ignorance, I had a killer sense, I pulled the ego out my innocents.”- FlyTy

Stream “Life’s A Bitch” and connect with Rockboy G’z below.

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