Izzy G - Coolin (Offcial Video / Interview )

So Izzy G, I seen that you drop a recent video for your song “Coolin” What inspired you to create that song ?


"To be completely honest, with that track, I first found the flow, then I just put some words together about what was on my mind .. a lot of people be mad fake with it and be talking down about the same people they be coolin with, hence the song."

Okay, I can say that you was very different with your flow on this track.

Coming from a small town what motivates you to do music ? do you think your city can come together and create dope music ?


"There’s a lot of different things that motivate me to do music. First off I’ve always had a love/passion for listening to and making music. I would love to have a career making music and be able to put myself and all of my friends and family on. I think there’s dozens of fire artist from my town all grinding hard and really trynna make it, and I 100% believe we can all come together to create dope music."

Nice, what’s the best advice regarding about music that was giving to you when you started doing music ?


"The best advice I received was to just stay consistent, work hard, and to always be myself."

Yes that’s a good one I wish a lot of rappers use that advice as well cause your doing a good job living up to that advice. 

Do you have any mixtape that you would like to share out there to the world ?


"I just dropped my Mixtape “No Sleep” available on all major music platforms !! (Apple Music, Spotify, SoundCloud, etc.)"

"Where can people that’s reading this can follow you at?"


Twitter: @izzygdinero_ 

Instagram: @izzygdinero
Facebook: Izzy G Dinero 
YouTube: Izzy G Dinero

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