Jersey Collective Water 4 Mars Releases New Music "Dead?" (Single)

Hip-Hop duo Channel Jamil and Tim Jones announce the release of their leading single “Dead?.” The Jersey collective deliver uncanny sounds for listeners to channel an array of emotions from hope and pain to triumph and fun.

“Dead?” is a record that questions afterlife and poses different scenarios after our physical being is no longer in existence. The chemistry between Jamil and Jones is unmatched as evident through Jones’s ingenious melodies fused with Jamil’s thought provoking lyricism. This celebrated team also write and produce their own music and for this particular record provide futuristic soulful sounds blended with cultured Hip-Hop beats.

About Water 4 Mars

Jones and Jamil plan their planet wide invasion, inviting the entire world to ingest what they’re producing. Their combined skill set and infectious sound indicates a massive music takeover. "Once the world hears what we're working with, it just might be open… open to quenching its’ thirst, with a little bit of “Water 4 Mars.”

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