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Thursday, April 22, 2021

Hip-Hop Makes An Impact On Politics: The Unstoppable Genre In The White house.

Hip-Hop Makes An Impact On Politics: The Unstoppable Genre In The White house.

Lately, the voice of Hip Hop has been quite vocal about the political process of America. Barack Obama became the first African-American president in 2008, and he was the first politician of his stature. He also invited rappers such as Common to perform in the White House. Numerous other rappers started voicing their thoughts on the country's political scenario through their songs. 

The rappers and people from around the world who were influenced by hip-hop also spoke about the political injustices. They were also witnessed encouraging people to vote. Besides, they took a step forward to voice their thoughts on the political actions and endorsed candidates beyond Obama. In 2016, people like Diddy, Jay-Z, Pusha T, etc., campaigned on behalf of Hilary Clinton. 

Hip Hop in Politics 2021 will be no various. As you can see, several rappers were seen supporting Obama. A lot of people were surprised when Lil Pump welcomed Donald Trump to the Gucci Gang as well. 

Hip Hop Political Engagement

In 2018, Hip-Hop took political engagement further as many rappers campaigned in the midterm elections. People witnessed rappers like Killer Mike and T.I. supporting the campaigns. They campaigned for Stacey Abrams and wanted him to be elected as the Governor in Georgia. Travis Scott and also Beyonce were also seen supporting Bete O'Rourke in Texas vocally. 

The activities of several rappers and the mention of politics in their rap opened the eyes of many. It taught lessons to the people living in urban communities in America, who may not have paid attention to the midterm elections. 

A lot of rappers were rapping about the importance of voting. Some of the biggest hip-hop platforms dedicated whole segments to the elections. 

How Did Hip-Hop Make an Impact on Politics?

The new post-prison song by Kodak Black, "Last Day In," references the pardon received from Trump. Also, the CEO of the death row, Lil Wayne, has recorded pardon by Trump. A list of over 140 people was granted pardons. 

Hip-Hop Makes An Impact On Politics: The Unstoppable Genre In The White house.

Hot 97's Ebro in the Morning Radio Show has multiple portions that discuss elections in detail. It also encompassed the meaning of elections and the polls for America. State of the Culture Podcast by Joe Budden has also had numerous discussions about the significance of local elections and their impact on the communities. 

The Hip-Hop genre has always had a political view. Numerous songs have stressed the injustices taking place in the communities and how the people feel neglected. These songs aim at educating rap fans about how elections are necessary. It further depicts the influence hip-hop had on the culture. 

Hip-Hop's Involvement in Politics

Hip-Hop is one of the favorite music genres, and its influence spreads beyond music and clothing trends. It focuses mainly on social issues. Initially, rap was considered a sport of young men when the rappers were kids of 20 years. Hence, they were not much knowledgeable about politics. Also, the entire culture felt like politicians never thought of their welfare. 

With time, the audience witnessed rappers continuing their rap career into the 30s and 40s. As they mature, their rap content also grows and their way of using its influence. A few leaders of the music industry became leaders of their community with good experience, and it is of no surprise that they were at the front lines of the political campaigns. 

Seasoned rap artists have made tremendous efforts to involve elections in the hip-hop community. It impacted people living in urban communities, but moving the younger generation of rap artists was also seen. A few great hip-hop artists initially paved the way, and now Vic Mensa, Travis Scott, Chance the Rapper, and other young artists are seen speaking on social issues and politics now and then. 

How did Hip-Hop Make an Impact on Politics?

Is Hip-Hop Changing the World?

No one thought that presidential politics in hip-hop could go so far. For several years, the audience saw politics and hip-hop, both groups talking about each other rather than talking to each other. Politicians viewed several rappers as thugs. For the rappers, politicians were nothing more than white people unaware of urban areas' realities. 

In 2018, both politicians and hip-hop were seen using each other's platforms for America's good. Young Jeezy talked about Obama in his rap and said: "My President is Black." but we can't forget how happy Tupac would be to see how hip hop made it from the stage to the white house. 

Moreover, the fact that politicians were interested in working with the hip-hop industry influencers demonstrates that they are curious about the concerns of a group of people who were once neglected by the political processes. 

Although the mainstream media always highlighted divisiveness, politicians and rappers working together reflected the beauty of America's diversity. 

With America's political landscape becoming turbulent lately, a political awakening is witnessed in artists. More and more Americans are now interested in what is going on in Washington, and Hip-Hop is no different. It is just that rappers are seeking a bit of change in their community by making songs about the political process and are engaging more with the people who shape public policy. 

There were days when people didn't find it incredible when rappers talked about politics in their rap. However, things have changed now, and several budding and seasoned rappers are seen talking about the political community. Rappers are more aware of the political scenario now, and they are using their raps as a medium of spreading awareness among people. 

There was also a time when politicians did not want to reduce themselves to engaging in dialogue with a public policy rapper. Rappers also didn't want to stand next to the politicians. Even the politicians wouldn't dare to stand beside rappers. 

Today, the culture of America has changed. The breakfast club broadcasted live from Miami just the day before the elections. It was done to support Andrew Gillum. Biden was also interviewed for the breakfast club. Moreover, the media interviewed politicians from both parties to bring awareness to the elections. 

Hence, it is proved that Political culture and hip-hop can coexist for the human race's best interest. The involvement of Hip-Hop in politics reflects nothing but its maturation.  

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