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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Interview w/ Farash Ash Wanting To Be Your Sin In Her New R&B Song [Audio]

1. Hip Hop Indie Music: How did the journey with music start?

Farah Ash: Music has always been a part of me. I was singing before I could talk properly. But I guess the journey began when I started playing the violin. I was 4.

2. Hip Hop Indie Music: Which is your most favorite line you said your song "Sin" and why?

Farah Ash: “I just wanna be your sin” - because it sums up the song.

3. Hip Hop Indie Music: You ever been in a relationship that you being the sinner in reference to your song?

Farah Ash: No, lol - the song isn’t based on a specific experience. It’s about females being allowed to express their sexuality just like guys, without judgment. This is important to me.

4. Hip Hop Indie Music: When do your song ideas come to you?

Farah Ash: They can come at anytime! While I’m driving, in the shower, in the middle of the night.. Whenever I’m inspired, I get ideas. It just happens.

5. Hip Hop Indie Music: Do you follow a formula when you write?

Farah Ash: Not really, but because I’ve had years of studio sessions, I automatically end up following the pop formula (one key & verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus-outro)

6. Hip Hop Indie Music: What’s your favorite piece of music and why?

Farah Ash: This is impossible to answer! I listen to everything from Beethoven to 2Pac to Oum Kalthoum. Music reflects my mood, but it can also change my mood.

7. Hip Hop Indie Music: You think social media is a gift and a curse for people that making music?

Yea - SM has def helped, especially indie artists, reach out to a broader audience than back in the day. In that sense, it might be easier to become an artist. But there’s also a certain pressure to keep up. Likes, followers, comments, new uploads. There’s a constant chase for the new. Music today has become like fast food, and I think a lot of it has to do with the SM culture.

8. Hip Hop Indie Music: As you can see, many cops kill a lot of unarmed minorities. How does racism affect your daily life?

Farah Ash: I was born a minority in Norway. Although I tried not to think about it growing up, I def experienced incidents of racism in my life. Be it a teacher not understanding how I can be so fluent in Norwegian (even though it’s my mother tongue), a racist dog owner making it attack and bite my dad just because we walked passed him, or my brother being pulled over because he drives a nicer car. Racism is still present everywhere, unfortunately. However, the situation in the US is far worse. I remember the first time I had to fill out a form and select my race, I was shocked! We don’t have that in Europe. If you’re getting your social security number, or opening a bank account, why is that even relevant? It’s a society issue. It needs to come from a higher ground. The police racism is terrible! They’re supposed to protect and serve. If you can’t trust them, who can you trust? I’m also a minority in LA, where I live now, and the movement that’s started is very important. I fully support it. The world needs a change.

9.  Hip Hop Indie Music: If you were not a musician, what would you have been?

Farah Ash: Hmm.. an architect or a cook. I’ve always loved drawing, and I loooove cooking & baking.

10. Hip Hop Indie Music: What would be your dream collaboration?

Unfortunately many of my dream collabs have passed away... But I would love to work with Eminem, Drake, Kendrick, Major Lazer, Khaled, KYGO, French, Billie Eilish, Travis Scott, A$AP, Future, Miguel, Bieber, Dadju, Booba, Rihanna, SZA, Doja Cat, Future, Chris Brown, Migos, Jonas Benyoub and Dizzy DROS, to mention a few.

11. What’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you while working on a song?

Farah Ash: I don’t know if I would call it weird, but it’s definitely interesting. Sometimes while I’m writing and I can’t seem to get the verse/chorus, or any other part of the song right, I leave it alone for a while. Suddenly one day I wake up with it in my head. Almost as if I wrote it in my sleep. It’s never good to force a song.

12. Where can people check out Farah Ash song "Sin"?

Farah Ash: People can check all my music on all platforms.



Interview w/ Farash Ash Wanting To Be Your Sin In Her New R&B Song

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