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Saturday, March 6, 2021

Big Moose - Envy (Official Music Video) Shot By @HoldUpTV


Moose Money 🔥! This one of my favorite bangers on the project! Big cousin really in his bag right now! My guy Moose starting off 21 off just right. After recently releasing his latest project, "Top Opp," which is everywhere right now, including my playlist on Spotify, he just dropped back 2 back new visuals, "Roc A Fella," which was recently & "Envy Me" earlier today. His flow be crazy when he hops on tracks, especially when he gets to switch it up! It had to hit the blog. It's already been on repeat in my Spotify playlist(SauceFromVeli). I knew it was coming when he would become a top 5 artist coming out of Jersey. His elevation, grind & work ethic is phenomenal. He put out a lot of sauce last year CONSISTENTLY & he stepping it up! Everything he put out gets better over time. This gonna have the streets & Tik Tok jumping.

My guy Moose really going off right now musically. I was waiting on his project & when it came, I wasn't disappointed at all. Moose got Jersey on alert right now! He gave us nothing but sauce right now! This joint is going to have you lit. The real always prevail in the end. "Top Opp" project is full of heat. His catalog already crazy & he just keeps adding to the sauce. Not too many artists or rappers can talk like this & it's REAL. Make sure you’re tuned in with him on social media (@BigMoose280). As I said before, it's only getting better as he goes. One of the hottest, LITERALLY!

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