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What you don’t know about ROMEOTHEGREAT

What first got you into entertainment ?

“I remember the first time I got asked by a freind  to host a bone thugs & harmony concert. Wow ! The best feeling ever !Just being on stage and getting everybody hype, The adrenaline I felt was crazy. I can honestly say That day changed me Forever. “

Who inspires you ?

“Man, I’m inspired by anyone who is doing better than me. Haha ! If you’re doing better than me, you inspire me !! & I’m gonna ask him questions haha ! “ 

How would you describe the art you create ?

“I would definitely describe the art I create using one word, and that would be.. unique. I’ve always said that a Entrepreneur is someone who can come up with ideas out of thin air. That’s when you know you’re the boss. I always follow my intuition & never regret my choices and that’s how You make your art unique.”

What is your creative process like?

“It’s very simple. Come up with an idea. Make a plan. Stick to the script. Execute! If somehow I made a bad decision I observe. I re-strategize. And then I try again.”

Who would you most like to collaborate with? “DJ HALED ! “WE THE BEST & WE THE GREATS !! “

“Just like cash money and Young money !!”

If you could start your own tv show what would it be about ?  

“My life is already a show ha ! It’s just not being filmed ! .. But if I could pick a theme. It would definitely be something motivating like helping homeless people become famous and help them reach financial freedom or something like that. That’s would be amazing to see.”

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