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Marc Dinero Releases Catchy New Single "Pressed"


Written by: Julz Mancini

Fear is known to control the narrative of many lives, placing a steel wall between them and their dreams. Feeling as if they are incapable of pursuing their talents, people remain complacent and stagnant, continuing down a path of emptiness. But what happens when you detach your grasp from fear and insecurity? What is the result of working your way around the steel wall that stands between you and your fate? Marc Dinero, a talented music artist, was able to defeat his fear and worry of what the outside world thought of him causing the flourishment of his art.

During one’s teen years, the development of self is at an all-time high. Attempting to fit in with peers causes conflict during this developmental phase. It was during adolescence when Marc Dinero recognized his love for music. Listening to hip-hop artists such Tupac, Biggie, Jay Z, and DMX, assisted him in building his own foundation as an artist. However, fear remained a constant obstacle for him. Finally releasing himself from the dungeon of negative thoughts, Marc Dinero made the life changing decision to take the plunge and pursue his career in music.

Since then, Marc Dinero has been hard at work consistently releasing content and building his audience. With thousands of streams, it appears that Marc Dinero is on the road to success. Releasing an album, “Inception” in 2019, introduced Marc Dinero to the world as a serious artist. With great feedback from his fans, it further proved that fear was the only thing holding him back from living his truth. Marc Dinero remains transparent with his audience pertaining to the fears that were instilled in him and how he was able to overcome them. It is this transparency in which sets him apart from many artists as he invites his listeners into his creative space.

Recently Marc Dinero released a song titled, “Pressed” revealing that he is no longer worried about external opinions. This song has a catchy and repetitive hook which allows the listener to sing along without difficulty. “Pressed” brings a sense of confidence, positivity, and truth to the audience. I can envision “Pressed” being played as the listener cruises in their car while it simultaneously gives off a club vibe.

“I ain’t pressed. Knowing that I been too blessed. I ain’t pressed. I ain’t living life to be stressed.”

“Most of you ****** go broke for the hobbies, don’t understand that I made it through college. I ain’t ashamed to acknowledge. I gotta say I’m the smartest. Doing this sh*t like I promised. I ain’t pressed. Working too hard to be modest. Don’t give a f**k what you think; being honest. Most of these rappers you see are in bondage. Can’t put they life on the beat cause they garbage. I’mma be me when you see me regardless.”

While listening to this song I found myself learning the lyrics quickly, moving to the beat in my chair, and feeling confident and stress free. This song is undoubtedly one of my favorites thus far from Marc Dinero. He transitions his flow several times throughout the track sharing his versatility to his audience. I look forward to seeing where “Pressed” takes Marc Dinero. He spits his lyrics with purpose. I am eager to follow Marc Dinero for the remainder of his musical journey. It is apparent that he is in this for the long haul. He is the perfect blueprint for those who yearn for the ability to release the control fear places on them.

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