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Dirty Harry Raps Unfiltered Truth On His Brand New Release “Shake Back”

FL-based rapper Dirty Harry is back with new sounds. Lately, he has been dropping gems flavored with classic sonic aesthetics we rarely have the privilege to witness nowadays with all the mainstream rap music. After his killing projects “Blue Face” and “Sleepless Nights” with great sampling and a handful of flows and arresting ideas to hold your attention, it becomes obvious that Harry is trying to bring back the 90’s vibe of Hip-Hop music. Although with his brand new “Shake Back” Harry shows strong signs of modern musical choices which is now the perfect piece for today's Hip-Hop industry. However his music presents all the classical standards of the genre, but with modern sound and equipment.

“Shake Back” delivers on its promise of being a contrast to the rest of 2020’s related genre deliveries.

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