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Austin Joyce - Bandages (Audio)

Austin Joyce is an upcoming Hip-Hop/Rap Artist based out of Greenville, SC. His new single "Bandages" brings light to his childhood and scarring problems in this world:

Growing up, He felt the pressure of looking a little different than everyone else. As a kid, you don’t know the hurtful impact you can have on those around you and he was on the receiving end of bullying and negative comments.

Austin just wanted to be like everyone else, but as the young artist started to fit in, it came with its own array of desires and temptations. It was easy to push aside his values, in order to appease to the lifestyle around him. Austin has been a part of and seen the culture of media and social networking corrupting teenagers and young adults in this society. He could end up doing things that affect our future, which stick with us for the rest of our lives. 

Austin Joyce Quotes:

We try to find quick fixes that we think will satisfy us, but they are never enough. This world is so fleeting and temporary, but through God, we are fully restored. I’m not worried about the numbers or accolades, instead, I want to be honest with who I am and what I believe in. Through God, I understand what I am capable of, regardless of what anybody says. With more exposure, will come more obstacles and I'm ready to face them head-on. It's cool to see the doors that have opened up thus far and I will continue to be transparent with my audience, so I hope you're ready to…

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