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Who is Big Grizz?

Big Grizz grew up in a single parent household.  My mom is a cosmologist and my father is real estate agent. On the weekends they both pastor their own church’s.  That’s now though . When I was a kid , they did what young parents always do , but they made sure I was always well fed & well clothed (designer only). Growing up I knew I was musically inclined I played percussion drums , sung on a choir & even played the violin. Music was always a passion of mine but I never knew it would actually be my career. Even though I participated in a lot of activists I was also a problem child. Being the oldest out of nine I had a lot of responsibility on my shoulders , plus a lot of “eyes” looking up to me , literally. Where I’m from there aren’t a lot of opportunities so you have to make the best of what you have an that’s what I did. Even with my bad behavior I still graduated high school and got accepted into Over 30 colleges with thousands of dollars in scholarships. Smart but defiant . Anyway , I did a couple years of college and had to drop out due to financial reasons. I began to work in the corporate field , which I loved and I thought would be my career path. In 2017 I met someone who I thought would be the person I would marry however that relationship went from amazing to toxic in the matter of a year . Our breakup was so detrimental to me that I attempted suicide. Thank God the doctors were able to pump my stomach in enough time . That experience woke me up and made me realize I have a purpose on this earth. I began to write but not taking it seriously. Working full time with my brother building customize furniture , whenever I get a break I write some stuff down or listen to instrumentals. My cousin who has been making music since were we kids asked me to hop on a tracks and ever since I haven’t stopped creating and publishing music. This keeps me alive. This keeps me sane . This keeps me going. Music gives me a high that no drug can give me. Now that I have a small fan base & more content that’s being displayed to the world I just want to keep going until I reach the top and even when I reach the top I’m going to still keep going. Nicki Minaj once said “Life is a movie , but they’ll never be a sequel” , I value that gem right there because it’s a daily reminder that life is short and time waits for no one so do whatever it is you were going to do , NOW!!! Music is now my life and I can’t wait until the world experiences my talent. Big Grizz

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