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HC the God Frequency: On The Rose

Melvin Reddick, professionally known as HC the God Frequency, was born and raised in a musical family in the Bronx, New York. His cousin, Rahsaan Patterson, is a singer, and his uncle took part in the “Bang Bang Boogie” movement cosigned by 50 Cent. Reddick also has another cousin, Former NFL Player B.J. Raji, who taught him how to play the drums and organ in church.

Reddick graduated from Monroe College in 2009 with an Associate’s Degree in Culinary Arts
and Hospitality Management and has been working as a chef ever since. Although Reddick never made his own music growing up, he wrote poetry in middle school and often free-styled over music written by his friends. He would sell his poems to other kids on Valentines Day, and they liked his work so much that they encouraged him to start rapping instead. Reddick personally knew a couple of people who created music and they would come to him for feedback. This led to him getting invited to studio sessions, and eventually the need for verses to be filled arose and he jumped on the opportunity.

Aside from the financial freedom it would bring to begin a music career, Reddick has always loved all aspects of music—from the creativity to the connection it relays to people. He began his music career full time in 2019 after joining in on the “Get Rich Kids” group, where he went by his childhood nickname “Highclass.” Because he was always perceptive of people and able to read their frequencies and body language, he called himself “Highclass the God Frequency,” later on shortening Highclass” to be “HC.” He recorded music at home using just a cell phone and a mic, before moving on to Triangle Studios in the Bronx. Reddick’s music is heavily influenced by Nas and 50 Cent, with conversational syntax and melodic low-fi beats. The lyrical themes he presents in his music often revolve around his life growing up in the New York
Projects, where he was exposed to mature situations at a young age.

Reddick released the albums The Boogie Down in March 2020, Straight For The Win in March 2020, Beautifully Broken in April 2020, Better Days and Poseidon in June of 2020.


  1. Last year my daughter recommended a new and upcoming artist by the name of HC. I listened to a few songs but the one I fell in love with is BEAUTIFULLY BROKEN. The lyrics and the music spoke to my soul. HC music is a mix of a little old school with just a little of today’s music. The music HC creates, speaks to the young and old. He is beautifully talented and creative. I have already downloaded some of his music on my iTunes. If you have not listen to his creations as of yet please do you will definitely find yourself swaying to the beats.

  2. Dope!!! Bx shit!!!! Keep working bro

  3. Awesome artist I can see the potential and growth


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