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Tuesday, July 7, 2020


I'm an upcoming artist named cvlii pronounced (cal-lee ). I recently revealed in an Instagram post in a series of three videos the release of my upcoming Ep entitled, Euphoria, which is August 2nd of this year.
Previously hinted in March of this year I teased my followers with the project by posting the cover of my Ep and leaving the caption “ in case y’all are wondering why I deleted all my sh*t....”
They always ask me how I’m feeling about my first official project. I honestly don’t know, I always said I’m feeling euphoric on days that I’ve felt the complete opposite, but I guess this is the result of speaking things into existence. with everything going and everyone I was encountering I really thought I wasn’t gonna make it to this point. There are a lot of people I want to thank in this kickoff process but the only person I feel like thanking right now is God, He is my refuge, fortress, and my strength. He’s been with me through every heartbreak, struggle, and more. This is only the beginning I have many more projects to come in the future but to welcome you to my world of endless dopamine and freedom. I give you Euphoria.
I want this project to be more than just a body of work, I'm aiming for this project to be a feeling I wants every song to be a theme of a day or time period of the day so that I can relate to peoples emotions in sense of creating natural euphoric energy.
With everything going on in the world, people need to escape the trauma of this place. To rebuild the positivity that was lost due to police brutality, racial discrimination, rioting, protest, and many other dark things that are coming out the light. My favorite series, believe it or not, Orange is the new black, made a perfect point which kind of influenced this idea of the project saying, ”how can we be sober and a world that causes so much pain... ” I believe that’s what she said I gotta go back and look in the seasons. It was a perfect point and we need a positive way of numbing the mind to the pain, so the can be aware, awareness is essential. I’m not saying let’s forget about it at all because that is the last thing we need to do, but let me help ease the pain with some fun melodies and beautiful scenarios to give you all quick break.
 I’m not going to reveal too much but I have some friends from my planet, euphoria, who wants to come to help me restore the euphoric vibes of the earth. So I got some special features coming and cool songs flowing in the mix afterward, but in the meantime, sit back, be relaxed, sign petitions, peacefully protest, stay informed, stay safe most importantly and wait for the first official drop of my Ep.

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