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Phreeboy : Next Big Artist To Blow

Phreeboy was in born Ghana, in the city of Sunyani. At the age of eight he made his first steps in Canada, residing in the city of Montreal. Adapting to the western way of life was difficult for him. He wasn’t talkative and wouldn’t interact much with teachers or students. One thing led to the other and started getting into trouble at school. Even though he was transferred to three different elementary schools, he was a student who kept his grades high. He did so because his mother always reminded him that being Abroad is an opportunity and that he should take advantage of it and get my « Act Right.

It didn’t take long before he started seeing life from a different lense. At a very young age people remarked his athletic abilities and he began playing multiple sports. He ran the hundred meter and played soccer. At the age of fourteen he was almost certain that he was going to play professionally overseas. In the midst of this time, his mother had him and his siblings in the church youth choir, where they would do concerts in canada and in the U.S. The experience gave him a tickle for music. On his alone time he would write poems, plays, sketches and songs. He recorded his first home mixtape with a dollar store microphone and sold copies for 7$.

Though the songs weren’t any good he loved the process of creating a sound. Not too long after that, he became addicted to the creative aspect of it. At the age of nineteen, with responsibilities, injuries, and academic decisions to make, he had to accept his first major failure for not being able to pursue his soccer dream. He went to college and took social and health science. Not being able to grab a start up position and spark a career, he moved to Calgary where he completed his power engineering. As mingling goes phreeboy met a producer (Barcode) & manager (Frankybanky) and decided to give this music journey a last try; hence the E.p  ”Last Try: Attempt 1&2 ”.

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