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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Jersey's Own EI8HT Is Ready to "Pop Off"

Stepping out from the stomping grounds of Maplewood, New Jersey is none other than the storytelling MC, EI8HT Music. This quickly rising emerging artist is the type of artist that can’t be boxed in producing content full of passion, love, life and a boss mentality. You know like how the same way every artist is different, yet each just as talented? That’s how the versatility on each track can be best described.

The previously released single, “Changed” is a mid tempo beat with a cadence that is instantly catchy and flooded with relatable lyrics. Throughout the track, EI8HT doesn’t hold back about all the recklessness this woman is living. Dropping a bop for the warmer weather that can be sung along to!

Although the recently released record, “Pop Off” is a slower tempo, EI8TH eats the beat, spitting fast while still making sure you hear every word of what he has to say.. His musical vibe will have you reminiscing about those summer nights, just coasting with the windows down. Creating music for all moods and situations from the streets to the sheets, EI8HT is an artist one can’t sleep on. The energy he brings to every song and the way his cadence rides the beat is so effortless. EI8HT utilizes his talent to deliver universal messages to his fans through Hip-Hop, R&B, and a number of genres that they’d be able to relate to. 

If you haven’t come across this rising star, use this opportunity now to stay connected w| EI8HT and all of his upcoming music by following him on.

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