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New Video: "Bless U" - Maine Laveau

Maine Laveau is eager to become the most talked-about new artist in South Beach. After teasing a new project on the horizon, the fresh new sound delivers the visual presentation to his new single, titled, “Bless U”.

Directed by Wolf of Wolf Street Films. The energetic track is confident, bold and refreshing with Maine letting people know he’s the real deal. In the video, Maine takes the city by storm with his gang as he spits 100-degree bars about hustling, designer fabrics and sticking around for a while so get used to him. Project X produced.
“Bless U” follows prior efforts “SKRRT,” “Dope Man Fever” and “I Get It”. Available on all DSP via Fly Boy Music Group, “Bless U” is the perfect jump-on point for any new discovery. Maine Laveau’s forthcoming project is arranged for a late-2020 release


Maine Laveau was raised in Miami, FL with two brothers, three sisters, and his mother. Maine’s father, died late October of 1995 when he was just 3 years old. Being left fatherless, Maine, his siblings, and peers looked for direction in life. He began to find a path with music and entertainment.
Maine first started paying attention to Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, Bryan “Baby Williams and J Prince of Rap a lot Records. These three guys knew a lot about music, which made Maine want to know more about music. Urban music was rotated in his household daily. Maine soon began to favor recording artists such as Michael Jackson, Fabolous, Trick Daddy, Jay Z, Gucci Mane, Migos, and everybody’s favorite The Hot Boys. Being intrigued by these stars, he later began practicing what he saw every Saturday on tv. This led him to start performing at the age of 8 with a church group in Liberty City, Miami called Youth In Action. Maine and his group received heavy applause and love after their performances.
The early 2000’s came about and led to a big change including the music that Maine listened to. Maine’s good friend put him on to a new local rapper by the name of Jay Z who rapped alongside the great Notorious B.I.G. This is when Maine wrote his first rhyme. By the 7th grade, Maine started rapping and went by the name “Kid Infamous”. He was always involved in sports such as football and track & field. Maine wasn’t able to play these sports the organized way due to his mom not having the money for him to participate or he was just too small.
As time passed, Maine’s urge to make music grew stronger. He started High School and finally started playing sports. Though never leaving the world of music, Maine took on the role of an athlete and still participated in early morning ciphers that took place during the morning time on the basketball court or during lunchtime.
In 2012, Maine was awarded a scholarship to play college football during his senior year of high school, but due to low test scores, his scholarship was revoked. In early 2013, Maine received his G.E.D. at Lindsay Hopkins Tech. Maine later moved back home in November 2013 after an upsetting football dream disaster.
During 2013, Maine also began to move back to the entertainment world. He started his very own record label FLYBOY MUSC GROUP TM. The same year he released his highly anticipated project, Fly God Season.
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