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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

MT Motherlandboy - ATL Adopted Me (Album)

MT Motherlandboy - ATL Adopted Me 
The new artist MT Motherlandboy was born in Paris (France), he Grew up in Bamako (Mali), and matured in Atlanta, that would the best way to describe his origins and upbringing. He is nothing short of an international prodigy, first got interested in music when he was 12 years old, starting a group with 3 other childhood friends, the Nesby Brothers. He grew up immersed in Hip Hop and drew his influence from artists like 2 Pac, Eminem, Jay Z, Nas, NTM, MC Solar, I AM, Lunatic (French Rappers). Back then MT was rapping in French, his native language. At the age of 18, he moved from Mali to the United States. He is a rising artist who started his own label Motherland Music LLC in 2013. That’s when I put out my first serious project « Coming to America » mixtape hosted by DJ AONEHis Debut Mixtape “Coming to America” came out in 2013 with a sequel in 2014, they are both available online ( hosted by Atlanta owns DJ AONE. After countless appearances on different mixtapes and other artists' projects, MT Motherlandboy is set to drop his first album “The Ambassador’s Bridge” LP, “Le Pond de l’ Ambassadeur” (in french) in December 2015 under his own label Motherland Music. MT Drops « The American Dream The African Nightmare » with a prominent ATL DJ in 2017, DJ MIKE MARS. Learning how to stay consistent, he gives us « Prophecy » at the end of 2018 and continues touring of that Album through 2019. This is his year! His new project (ATL Adopted Me) just came out almost a month ago & it's straight sauce! 2020 looking up for him. His music is pretty solid and only getting better. Sauce!

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