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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

K.I.N.G. The MC - Napoleon Hill (Director's Cut)

K.I.N.G. The MC - Napoleon Hill (Director's Cut)

Throughout the course of creating my latest album,
TGTBU 2, I went through some of the toughest times I’ve ever experienced in my life.

Lost some family..lost some friends..even lost our home..😔..but I never lost hope or faith in God and the purpose He has placed on my life. I'm thankful for the hard times, for it was these moments that inspired the very stories you hear in my music. And it was these moments that forced me to look within and realize the greatest gift ever given to man..the power to manifest our thoughts into reality.

With that said I present to you my latest manifestation, “Napoleon Hill”, shot with no budget, completely improvised. Certain scenes were shot in an abandoned funeral home at night using only cell phone light.

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