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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Vanessa "Vane"- Marylin Manroe From The 6ix

Marylin Manroe From The 6ix 

Vanessa "Vane" new Toronto female rap artist is emerging into the music scene with her first music video "The Spot" shot and directed by Maccadelic from 280 Vision. Even though, its Vane's first music video she is no stranger to cameras. Being a close friend to Nanna Goodie, Vane has cameos in many of Nanna Goodie's past music videos. After joining Vane for a live studio session, its fair to say her energy matches her work ethic. She brings a melodic style of sensual rapping almost a blend of R&B, Soul, and Hip-hop with a touch of sexuality. Vane has big plans in store for 202, look out for her dabbing on other sounds even Latin, who knows! We would like to thank Vane for taking time to answer out "6 Question From Da 6ix"

6 Questions From Da 6ix

1)How Long Have You Been Rapping For?

I started rapping at 10 years of age. I'm a music major and singing is actually my strength. I have a long background and training in the arts. Started in choir actually praising the highest. Rap came into play when I started writing my own music. Felt it just flowed.

2)Name 3 Female Artists You Would Collab With?

Billie Eilish, Megan the Stallion and Lady Leshur

3)Your So Toronto When.....? (Fill in Blank)

I'm soo Toronto when I'm upset. That's when the "Are u Dumb" and "Are You Tryna Get Boxed" talks come out.

4)Any Upcoming Live Performances?

Nothing yet in stone, but God willing I wanna be in front of a big crowd just now

5)If You Could Change 1 Thing About Toronto's Hip Hop Scene?

Its oversaturated, it needs some filter but more importantly, I would change the way people support each other here. Everyone is so "I'm the best in Toronto" its corny to me. We need to come together.

6)Where Does Vane See Herself 1 Year From Now?

Vanessa Vane, she'll be stacked up, on camera in whips with the baddest bitches from the six s/o Goodiegang... Making a lot of money outside and inside the music. The music industry is too small, watch for movies too as I am a triple threat.

Written by: torontotopchunesss_

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