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Thursday, December 19, 2019

Nanu- Argentinian In Toronto (6 Questions From Da 6ix)

Argentinian In Toronto
  Sofia Bragnolo better known as Nanu is a young Latina rapper, singer, songwriter and entertainer who is currently living in Toronto. Nanu spent most of her younger years in Argentina. You can differently hear her cute accent when she speaks Spanish! You better believe she always has something to say and she won't stop until she says it, whether its on social media or in person. We suggest you tune into her Instagram stories she can be very funny and entertaining but don't let her charming personality and big blue eyes fool you, Nanu is very talented when it comes to making good music. "Ting" is her latest single where she uses a popular Toronto slang to call out all men in the city. (We were going to say mandem but that is also another Toronto slang Lol) 2020 looks more than promising for Nanu as she levels up. Show her Love now don't wait until she's famous. We had the pleasure of asking her our exclusive "6 Questions From Da 6ix"  You can read Nanu's full answers below and listen to "Ting"

6 Questions From Da 6ix 

1)Why the name "Nanu"?

Nanu comes from a nickname that I had since I was a little girl. My whole family used to call me Nana when I was a kid, which I absolutely hated back then, and I thought it would be nice to bring it back as my artist name to remind me of the love my family gave me when we were all together back home in Argentina. Nanu is my inner child that never died but some people say its an inner demon lol.

2)When did You know you wanted to be a female rapper?

I never thought about being a rapper. I was always a singer and always really good at rhyming stuff. It just happened that I ended up rapping because it was the best way to express my feelings toward certain situations where I could not be lyrical and soft about it. I love rapping in Spanish and I want to compete in some freestyle competitions in Argentina. I'm looking to be the first woman who does it while not carrying the typical "trap artist" style the all the male/female artists share back home. I wanna challenge all the males while still carrying my look which is not considered the typical "trap artist" look.

3)Being that you are Argentinian, bilingual in English and Spanish, is there any artist from Argentina that you would collaborate with?

I love Duki. I would love to do a song with him. I admire how went from freestyling in the streets to where he is now. When he started so many people laughed at him and he proved them all wrong. He has more than double the numbers of the people who laughed at him and he's killing it! I'm also really interested in working with some up and coming female artists from back home that are amazing like Louly. Argentina is definitely putting some amazing talent out there and I'm so proud of my country for that!

4)Your favourite 3 restaurants in Toronto?

Cactus club on a typical girls night out, Barbarians when I'm feeling extra boujee and Vos (Argentinian Restaurant) when I miss home.

5)What's the most you miss about Argentina?

I miss the culture the most, the people, the vibe in Argentina. I'm not "crazy Latina" I'm just Daniela, my personality is considered a little loud and crazy but not as much as it is here in North America. Back home we are pretty open-minded and wild. Its been really hard assimilate to North American culture but Canada is really welcoming. I love the diversity in Toronto and how it makes the process easier.

6)Where do you see yourself in 1 year from now?

In 1 year I see myself closer and hopefully even achieveing my ideal sound. Right now my main focus as an artist is to learn and find the right sound for me, having the versatility of singing and rapping in two languages trying to see how to merge all this the proper way is diffiently a challenge.

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