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Monday, December 2, 2019

Ducthess Millz - Gods Gift To The 6ix

"Gods Gift To The 6ix" 

Dutchess Millz is hands down top 3 female artists in Toronto. Not only is she extremely attractive but she is a beast when it comes to dropping gems, she truly is "Gods Gift To The 6ix". While working on her craft Dutchess has been evolving tremendously in the rap game. Letting everyone know that it is her moment now as an independent artist. Her loyal fans are paying close attention to what's new to come in 2020. We had the opportunity to be in a studio session with Dutchess and see the aura she carries when walking in a room, it is easy to see that she is a Toronto superstar in the making.

"6 Questions From Da 6ix"

1)Why the name "Dutchess Millz"?

Dutchess represents royalty, I like to say real royalty. Millz is the name of our entertainment label that was started out as a girl group Dutchess Millz & TeeTee Millz which together made get Millz Girlz! Now its just Dutchess produced by get millz entertainment.

2)What was the first song you recall hearing & saying to yourself "I can do this"?

Snoop Dog "what's my name" I was too young at the time but I remember that song replaying in my head hours after my dad played it & that's when I knew.

3)Who's your favorite 3 rappers Dead or Alive?

This question is hard because I got way more than 3 but I'll give you a couple
-Missy Elliot   -Max B   -Foxy Brown

4)If You could build a super-strong fanbase other than Canada, where?

Everyone wants to cross over to the U.S. so I would love to be on American Billboards

5)What did you ask Santa Claus for Xmas 2019?

Another Championship 

6)Where do you see Dutchess Millz 1 Year from now?

I see Dutchess doing what she loves most giving her fans the content they love and surprising all the haters but mostly being recognized around the world as Canada's first lady and taking over the music game. 6ix way👌🏾


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