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Toronto Meets "Louly" Happy In Argentina (International Artist)

Toronto Meets "Louly" Happy In Argentina (International Artist)

Meet 22-year-old Camila Dominquez, better known in Argentina as Louly. We first heard of her right after she released her music video for her single "Happy". We posted the music video on our Instagram because we could feel her music. "It just had a different energy than other female Latin trap artists we had heard before." After being in contact with her a few times we can truly say she is a very down to earth and humble person. We hope to see her performing in Toronto soon. It would be a pleasure to interview her life.  

“Louly” found the passion for music in Argentina since she was a child at only 8 years of age. She would go to vocal classes with her mom. Her influences came from Alicia Keys and Christina Aguilera. Louly At age 15 along with her close friends, built a small studio for them to record and do videos. Then her big break came.
A producer had messaged her to work together and Louly opened minded went to see him, not knowing the producer was part of a big record label in Argentina called “Mueva Records”. Only after recording her a couple of times he then tells Louly who he works for and introduces her to “Omar Varela” who is interested in signing her to his label. The rest is history in the now making!

Louly with the help of Omar & his team, released on July 3, 2019 their first single “Happy” which has become an overnight success not only in Argentina but around the world. Here in Toronto, Canada more people are tunning into this young Latina star on the rise. Louly has a huge performance coming up at “Lollapalooza 2020” Amiga, we wish her all the success in the world and hope to see her on top where she deserves to be. 
Toronto Meets "Louly" Happy in Argentina: By TorontoTopChunes 2019
For HipHopIndieMusic with all full credits of music and videos to Mueva Records. 

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