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Rapman- From Rapper To London's Top Filmmaker


                       From Rapper To London's Top Filmmaker 

Andrew Onwubolu, known as Rapman, is a British rapper, music producer, writer and film director from Deptford, London. He started as an artist, rapping and producing but soon found himself writing short films and directing them. Rapman caught a lot of attention with his youtube musical drama series Shiro's Story, which has since received a cult following among the music scene in the United Kingdom. 7.2 million viewers by the time his series wrapped up. Susan from "Good Morning Britain" spoke about Rapman as a overnight sensation as the newest freshest filmmaker. Rapman got approached with local British executives whose only interest was to remake Shiro Story and put their logo in the credits, but no-one was asking what's next for Rapman? The answer was Blue Story, a script he had written which was inspired by his childhood. BBC Films actually understood his vision and just as contracts were being written up he got a call by Jefferey Katzenberg the onetime chairman of Disney and co-founder with Steven Spielberg of the studio DreamWorks. Katzenberg flew out Rapman to LA, where his team read the script to Blue Story. In a nice way with a lot of money offered, they suggested Rapman leave this project and work with them on short-film ideas. Rapman thought about it which was a lot of money offered but he felt Blue Story had to be told and if they couldn't understand it, his loyal viewers would! So Rapman kindly refused the offer, sending his agent into a frenzy. It wasn't until Jay z approached him that Rapman felt comfortable with someone that truly understood his vision, Jay Z also being one of the viewers of Shiro Story. Jay Z offered Rapman a management deal with Rocnation, with an undisclosed amount of money, Rapman with pleasure signed.

                           "BLUE STORY" November 22, 2019 

Blue Story is blue because in London Lewisham is the "blue borough" sign around rendered in that color. At 11 years of age Rapman Nigerian parents sent him to a Catholic school but his neighborhood was delivering him into a bitter local rivalry. For many of his friends in Lewisham growing up without role models, gangs were at least a structure was in place demanding loyalty from boys hungry to belong to something. Rapmans parents were loving; he, for the most part, stayed out of trouble but his friends were his friends. As years went by he saw his friends go through a lot of street stuff and this made Rapman want to take another route. By this time he was rapping as he would do his dj sets but he that he wanted something more something different and it's then he picked up a camera.  Blue Story is set to be his best film this far, his 7.2 million viewers wait patiently for November 22 when Rapmans newest film will be released in Cinemas. 

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