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OvoRich- "6 Questions From Da 6ix"

Ovo affiliate and brother of 5if, OvoRich steps into the Toronto music scene with a family legacy resting on his shoulders. Rich style is a smooth fusion between modern R&B and melodic hiphop. We got hooked listening to "Never Drown" but recently he release audio to "Not A Problem" which sounds promising to do big numbers on Spotify. A short clip he showed us of his upcoming music video to "Not A Problem" looks super hard!! It will be very interesting to see his potential grow as it starts shining within him. We were blessed to have talked to Rich personally so we can ask him our
"6 Questions From Da 6ix"

"6 Questions From Da 6ix"

1) Who we're your inspirations listening to growing up?
"Lil Wayne, Drake and Young Jeezy. Music really got me through a lot."

2)Would you do a International Ft? & if yes with who?
"Most definitely! One person music I really like is UK Giggs/Batman"

3)Who's better at basketball Drake or You?
"Haha thats a good one. I haven't seen Drake play enough to answer but the better match up would be Chubbz and I. We play similar style of basketball"

4)You know your from Toronto when You.........? 
"Only drink Hennessy!"

5)If you were given 50k but can only pick 1 mall to spend it in?
"Yorkdale for sure"

6)Where do you see OvoRich in 2020 around these times?
"diffidently in a more elevated position. Much more polished and educated on the music industry, keep ya eyes and ears open Rich could catch fire at any time! Only way up"

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