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Friday, November 8, 2019

Dre Prada "SKIP" Ft. Stunna Gambino

Dre PradaStunna Gambino

"SKIP" DrePrada ft. Stunna Gambino

Toronto meets New York with this amazing song curated by TorontoTopChunes. Young Toronto artist, 17 year old Dre Prada drops a stunning melodic hook & verse that is very catchy and pleasing to the ear. The song welcomes Stunna Gambino's verse quite perfectly. Gambino, a young 19 year old from New York, provides the song with a special, final touch.
"Skip" is a single off Dre Prada's album, "Prada Everything" which is available on all streaming platforms. We hope to see a music video soon! Regardless, this is definitely a song you need to have join your playlist.

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