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Friday, October 11, 2019

Dizzy Banko "How Do That Sound Volume 1"

Bronx, NY based producer Dizzy Banko releases 10-track project titled “How Do That Sound Volume 1.”

The eclectic producer delivers ten tracks brewing with eccentric soundscapes, set for emcees to flow over, R&B vocalists to harmonize, and music enthusiasts to repeatedly press play. 

Banko embodies thorough street vibes and club bangers with car thumping and mirror vibrating tones. The classic drum clapping and knocking bass heighten the raw energy.  

On other tracks, Banko lightens the vibe with soulful undertones and smooth piano keys. He adds some worldly pulsations for an unconventional delivery of addictive ear milk.  Stream "How Do That Sound Volume 1” and connect with Banko below. 

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