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Rockblockbam - Avianne | HHIM Interview

Rockblockbam - Avianne | HHIM Interview

HHIM: What made you name yourself


I named myself that because where I’m from is called Rockland county. There’s a lot of towns here and I wanted away that people from across town can fuck with me even though were not from the same town. It’s more like a unity thing I guess

HHIM: So were they calling you that before you started rapping ? Such as your family or friends.

My family called me Bam since young, then. My friends. Once I started rapping I wanted to do it for my city and that’s were the Rockblock cam from.

HHIM: What is your favorite part about rapping ?
Are you more towards the lyricism side or the versatile side?

My favorite part about rapping is that I can paint a picture with words. Knowing that I can make people feel me thru music is crazy. You can impact lives through this shit.
HHIM: Coming out of your city what kind of challenges intervene with your life or your music that made you feel like you had no hopes at one point.

There’s no resources where I’m from. I never doubted my career though but there’s been times when I thought that this shit is tough.

HHIM: Would you say your state rap scene got better over time?
What kind of advice would you give rappers from your state coming from an artist like yourself.

I’ll tell them no matter what to get going. I’m from NewYork so if you don’t build a name for yourself out of respect first you’ll forever be a nobody in this game. People won’t support you.

HHIM: How do you separate yourself from other artists?

I’m made from a rare breed so it’s easy to separate myself. I keep my circle small, and I stay in my own lane most importantly.

HHIM: Who influenced your style?

No one really influenced my style. With music it’s away for me to express myself so that’s why my career took so long to start gaining traction. I learned a lot from Fetty wap and remyboyMonty though, I consider them my big bros and that’s a blessing. My music doesn’t sound like theirs though.

HHIM: In what ways has your newest music changed from when you first started?

It sounds way better than when I first started. It got way more melodic and swaggy.

HHIM: Tell the world where to follow you on your social media.

My instagram: @rockblockbam and Twitter
Google Rockblockbam) for all of my music, and videos.

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