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Tuesday, August 13, 2019



After enjoying the incredible success that her latest album “Bang Bang” spawned, Dutch ReBelle isn’t stopping to take a break. Just as summer reaches its hottest point, Dutch is giving her fans a cool splash of her new wave with her single “Big Zoe”.

Produced by INTL SHOW, “Big Zoe” shows Dutch in peak form spitting bars like
“Ain’t nobody shaking me/this that chain no breaking me/paid my dues so pay that fee/I don’t suggest you play with me”
over a kick heavy track that immediately brings up feelings of Carnival and summer vibes.

With a visual for “Big Zoe” debuting soon and more surprises as summer comes to an end, Dutch ReBelle is feeding her fans hunger with a steady diet of heat rocks while she plans for an upcoming tour and more music.


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