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Sunday, April 14, 2019

Dumb Ugly Debut "Casket" Album

Philly Sensation, Dumb Ugly announce the release of their debut album “Casket”, available on all major streaming platforms.

Biz Mighty and Aayu deliver an unorthodox multi-genre fused album brimming with insanely thumping beats, psychedelic pulsations, and riveting cadences. This album is set to unleash that ravenous monster inside all of us.

“Ugly” is the record that introduces the bizarre duo to the world through feared yet enticing lyrics, delivered anthem style.  Records “Dead As Fuck”, and “Knife” have a revolutionary impact on societal issues including system resistance. “A Thief Always” hits home to those struggling to survive in a world of uncertainty and thieving with purpose.  For listeners who appreciate an adrenaline injected rave will press repeat on “Louis C.K. (Throw Dat).” The duo even includes a twisted love song titled “Ewe” about a man who becomes influential through all the mind games gunned his way.

The leading single off the album “Stay Dead” triggers thought provoking read between the lines, and caution tape scenarios that occur regularly in communities brimming with corruption and conceit.  Watch “Stay Dead” below and stream “Casket” above.

“Casket” available on all platforms here.
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