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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Rockwelz x Fred The Godson "Lil Man Got Heart" (Official Video)

New York's multifaceted artist Rockwelz links up with Fred The Godson for the second single release off his forthcoming album, set to release late January. "Lil Man Got Heart" is a tale of a young boy raised in the streets who lacks the know how to enjoy his youth. The daily routine of grind and hustle to pay his mother's bills, scars his hands of calluses while the street life often leaves him battered and bruised but never down for the count. "Lil Man Got Heart", simply because Uptown keeps his core pumping. The duo flow over an arrangement of soulful beats mixed over candid turntable scratches. The record is set to top the charts and hold reign as a classic in Hip-Hop books and vinyl. Stream "Lil Man Got Heart" above.

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