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Sunday, November 26, 2017

B-boy Fidget - Seattle

I represent a very talented independent artist named B-boy Fidget, and we'd love for hiphopindiemusic.com to be among the first to feature his new music video "Seattle". His latest video was directed by Janice Hudson, and produced by B-boy Fidget himself. The song is paying homage to Seattle, and all of its great artists such as: Jimi Hendrix, Quincy Jones, Bruce Lee, Bill Gates, Kurt Cobain, and a long list of other innovative creative geniuses that helped to push the boundaries of technology and art forward.  The video was released with a soft push on Facebook, and YouTube 10 days ago and has organically reached over 50K in views with nothing but positive feedback. The song "Seattle" will be featured on B-boy Fidget's upcoming album "No Compromise", available November 28th.

B-boy Fidget’s homegrown Hip-Hop roots in Seattle started almost 20 years ago with the founding of his break-dance crew, Fraggle Rock. Aside from being a world famous Break-dancer (B-boy) and recording artist, Fidget is well known for his production and songwriting talent. Throughout his entertainment career he’s worked behind the scenes with artists such as: 2Chaniz, Black Eyed Peas, Usher, Rico Love, Jacob Latimore, Trey Songz, T-Boz (of TLC), Ron Devoe (of New Edition), Bizarre (of D12), Tech Nine, Boyz N’ Da Hood, Cherish, Nevia, and a long diverse list of others. 

The 33 year-old rapper has a refreshing and nostalgic 90's flavor with a new school twist. B-boy Fidget is a mixture of Rakim, LL Cool J, Jay-Z, Nas, J-Cole, Pharrell and Kanye West, with a splash of Chris Brown and Drake. I believe that all of those character components are recognizable in his new music video "Seattle."  

https://www.facebook.com/YoungFidgeTheComeBackKid/ https://www.youtube.com/user/FRockBoyz1

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